Sending Funds to your Bitstamp Account: 

If you wish to convert AUD to USD and have these funds deposited into your Bitstamp account, you'll need deposit funds into your FlashFX account to get started. 

Select “Deposit” from the menu bar on the user dashboard. We receive your deposit via the New Payment Platform (NPP) and you make this deposit using your unique BSB and Account number that is displayed on the deposit page.

Once FlashFX receives your funds, you will get a confirmation email saying that your deposits have cleared and are available in your FlashFX account. You are now ready to transfer.

1. Under the "Send" tab on your dashboard, enter the amount of AUD you would like to send. FlashFX will show you an estimated USD amount based on the expected exchange rate and notional.

2. On the next page, setup a "new recipient", where you confirm you are sending to a Ripple wallet instead of a bank account:

3. After confirming if you are sending to yourself or another recipient, you will confirm if you are sending to Bitstamp and your individual Bitstamp Destination tag (check Bitstamp IOU USD deposit method)

You can locate your Bitstamp destination tag here:

4. Once the recipient has been setup, confirm the payment reason and verify all your information before finalising the transfer. 

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