You can click on request, under the transaction tab. Then enter the amount you are looking to convert and in what currency (USD or EUR). 

Then you confirm the person who will be sending the money. If it's yourself, please enter your details (name, email, address etc.).

As we have not yet automated Ripple deposits (as opposed to fiat deposit), you can follow these steps:

  1.  send your USD or EUR funds to this wallet rwJD1L36u4vhKow6wAvR2xkD9tLUeCbpdd
  2. please note that most issuers (Gatehub/Bitstamp) have an in-ripple fee of 0.20%. If you want us receive USD 1,000.00 you will have to send USD 1,002.00.
  3. Once these funds are received in our wallet and we have processed the deposit, you will be notified via email.
  4. You'll then be able to access an exchange rate to convert your funds to AUD and nominate the bank account your funds will be deposited.

(note: the bank account name must match your FlashFX account name, otherwise we may not able to deposit your funds swiftly)

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