FlashFX can help you convert foreign currency to AUD and deposit it into your local Australian bank account. 

Just follow these steps: 

1. Login to your FlashFX account and setup a payment under the "Receive" tab. Tell us the foreign currency you'd like to receive and the amount. If you'd prefer to receive a defined AUD amount we'll use the current market exchange rate to tell you how much foreign currency you'll need to send. 

2. Confirm that the funds will be sent from a bank account in your name and whether it's a crypto wallet. 

3. Confirm your Australian bank account details via your PayID or BSB and Account Number. (Note: We can only pay an account in your name).

4. Finalise all your transfer details and give us conversion instructions for when the funds arrive into your FlashFX account. 

5. Lastly, we'll give you foreign currency deposit instructions. This is where you'll send your money so we can start processing your transaction (below screenshot is just an example).

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to us on our live chat function with anything else you need. 

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