The New Payments Platform (NPP) is a centralised platform that facilitates real-time clearing and settlements of payments between participating Australian financial institutions.

It’s a faster, simpler and smarter way to move money in Australia. To pay FlashFX directly from your bank account, check your FlashFX deposit page and look for the PayID to fund your FlashFX account.

What is a PayID?

Most of the Australian financial institutions are now enabled to offer NPP and the faster payments service. In order to process via NPP, you need to create your own PayID with your Australian bank. 

Instead of using a BSB and account number, your PayID can just be your email or mobile number. A Business can also setup a PayID with their ABN.

More information can be found here:

Using a PayID

In order to make a payment or deposit funds to FlashFX, you need to look up FlashFX's PayID. 

From your dashboard, click on deposit and you will be given our PayID information.

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